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Is a term that has been coined for a product that combines the attributes of both a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical. That term was coined by Dr Albert Kligman, the now Emeritus Professor of Dermatology from the University of Pennslyvania at a presentation he gave to the annual meeting of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists in 1980.

Alternative names suggested for this class of product are ‘dermaceuticals’, ‘active cosmetics’, functional cosmetics’, having in common acknowledgement that the product contains’active’ ingredients that go beyond mere camouflage such as rouge and lipstick. Whatever controversy that may still persist, cosmeceuticals are now a reality, as evidenced by multiple international symposia and seminars, a growing library of textbooks titled cosmeceuticals, and common usage of the term by marketers who perceive that consumers want products that are functional as well as ornamental.


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