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Clinical Trial Medications and Specialized Preparations

Oxford Compounding has experience in the preparation of medications for just that purpose. We have worked with local universities, clinical investigators and pharmaceutical companies to produce study medications.

The scopes of these clinical study preparations have been for as little as a few hundred units up to thousands based on the scale of the study.

The benefit to the manufacturer and study coordinators is that small quantities in early phase I trials are typically very expensive to produce. We can facilitate the rapid processing of quantities desired, in blinded or open label formats, of the study medication.

Types of study medications

Types of study medications

We have generated medications in various forms, including capsules, sterile injections, sterile preservative free eye drops, nasal sprays, transdermal creams and gels, topical sprays, suppositories, and sub-lingual drops. These are a few of the typical forms. You may have need for additional variables in drug delivery. We can work with you in addressing the challenges you face in these critical research study situations.

What clinical trial services do we offer?

  • We can custom compound medication forms with active or placebo dosage forms.
  • We can provide these medications in patient trial kits with patient information or other required documentation. For blinded trial medications, both the study medication and placebo will be appropriately labeled for study coordinator key reference.


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